Understanding and appreciating Mixed media art

Being a mixed media artist, I’m going to share my experiences in this field of experiments which makes me  extremely creative.

Article One-

Understanding and appreciating Mixed media art                         

As a kid, our first experimentation with art and its form is mixed media, confused? Remember making collages from different materials and colours ? That is mixed media. Giving one example below-

I used this reference from online , for making my own collage. For that I used handmade paper and cuttings from different magazines. Then first I traced this design on handmade paper and in the last pasted cut pieces. see the result yourself below-

An art created using more than one medium to make it, is mixed media.

In paintings, mixed media could be using more than one type of paints like oil and acrylic, or water and pencil, or even paint and other material ( say tissue napkin) for different kind of experience and effect. Below example is one of my paintings –

Pinjare ( 51 x 51 cm)- Mixed media by Sunita Rajvanshi, available for sale

In this I used different tissue napkins, readymade wooden cages with acrylic paints on canvas .

The different materials could include cloth, different type of papers, wood, glass beads, 3D objects, sand, egg shells or more to manifest the artwork. Mixed media does require extra care though, enough space and time should be given to them so that they could dry and set properly. Going to give one more example of creativity.

I used 3D objects on handmade paper to make a submarine life.

Later on I used a part of it in my new painting on canvas , see below, how you can use your imagination to indulge  an old work into new-

Mermaid ( Jalpari)- medium- mixed media; size- 45 x 60 cm ( without frame) Ready for the sale .

Artist : Sunita Rajvanshi

One can be extremely creative, by using different available materials into one artwork. Mixed media gives the flexibility for the newer materials in conjunction with older materials to be explored, and a wider range of products, arts and crafts be created.

written by Sunita Rajvanshi( Mixed media Artist)

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