Welcome to SunRaj Arts

SunRaj Arts  is a platform for all art needs. It is a web based art portal and not a walk in an art gallery. At this art market place, we are offering affordable original art and it’s prints for sale as well as for rent also as we believe that art must be enjoyed by all and not by a few only.

We also like to promote budding artists all over the world so that they can earn their livelihood by what they love to do in this way.. For that we choose the internet as our medium, since it has far more reach around the world than any other media.

We are offering the following-

  • An Online Art Gallery for global reach and exposure.
  • One Stop Shop- We are offering related art product
    of original art for gift purposes and also art lovers can buy art supplies from the SunRaj arts shop.
  • Offering online art classes/ workshop under SunRaj Arts Classes.
  • Artists can also participate in Art Exhibitions and Events by registering themselves as a member of SunRaj Arts Club.
  • We encourage artists to sell their original artworks at SunRaj Arts portal. Artists can also be a part of selling customize products of their original artwork at SunRaj Arts shop.
  • Commission Art (Art on demand) – Tell us your preferences and get personalized artwork commissioned just for you.


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Art for cause

Painting on Mug


Paintings for Home, Offices and Hotels

Nikunj Gupta

New Delhi, India

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Delhi, India

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Art Lover, Delhi, India