SOAP Technique: Creating a Textured Background

This article is written by Sunita Rajvanshi


Regular hand washing liquid soap

Acrylic colors & canvas


  1. Mix a little acrylic color in small quantity with liquid soap (without mixing water in soap); say a ratio of 1: 2.
  2. Make bubbles, and apply with brush on the canvas (you can make many colors and apply at the same time on the canvas).
  3. Now immediately put your canvas under the sun, before the bubbles disappear & keep there until it dries.
  4. Don’t use a blower (hairdryer) for drying as bubbles will disappear with its hot air.
  5. Your beautiful background is ready.

Rhythm- Mixed media on canvas – 50 x 65 cm ( framed)  , Artist-  Sunita Rajvanshi